We are the market leader since 1955, we are the oldest surviving swimming pool company in South Africa. Leading the way, we thrive on customer satisfaction, excellent workmanship, superior design and unparalleled innovation.

With over 150 years combined management experience in the swimming pool industry, we have seen it all!Our management team boasts dynamic leaders focused on eco-friendly innovation, problem solving and solutions. Our professional sales team has a combined experience of over 68 years, fast-thinking, friendly individuals with customer excellence on their mind, they will go above and beyond to ensure a smile on our customers face!
We proud ourselves on three generations of serving; from Father, son and grandchildren to father, son and grandchildren, Our legacy is the heart of our company.
We are passionate about our work and only deliver the best service.

Pool pumps are essential for the proper functioning of any pool. It keeps a pool in working order by circulating water through the pool and filter. A pump is the heart of a pool’s circulation system and its main function is to pump water through the pool’s filter. It pulls water from a suction point in the pool and it pushes it through the pool’s filter, heater and chemical filtration system and then back into the pool through its return ports. This creates a continuous cleaning cycle, keeping a pool clean and functioning properly. We self-designed and self-manufactured BADU® range of swimming pool pumps and swimming pool accessories are of the highest quality and built to last. Our warranties cover all our products with an ex-factory warranty, and our warranties cover periods ranging from 12 to 60 months.The full BADU® range is fully factory tested under normal operating conditions in accordance with the recommendation of quality management and carries the warranty from date of purchase. The warranty will be in effect as long as the products are installed and operated in accordance with instructions supplied and under normal operating conditions.

The warranties on all Our products will become null and void due to products being misused, abused, neglected or have been in any way tampered with. The warranty will also become null and void when pipes and fittings have been reduced below our standards and technical specifications. Proof of purchase must be presented when claiming repairs under warranty. The warranty and products are ex-factory, subject to our standard terms and conditions of sale and technical modifications. Our products may not be exported, distributed or sold outside the borders of South Africa

We provide the following, Monthly pool services New pools, Pumps,filters, salts water CHLORINATORS, lights etc. Anything and everything to so with swimming pools.

We cover all of our customers’ swimming pool needs from pool pumps to pool lights. Our products include:

We also offer repair services

  •  Do not hesitate to call the pool doctors today

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